Tool Comparisons

Right now the market is full of different tools and equipment. There are many manufacturers who offer different tools at different prices. There are cheap and expensive types of equipment. Very often a customer selects several models but can’t decide which one to buy.

We at Male Garage are here to help you to make your purchase decision. We compare different tools and try to find which one is the best.

How is it done? First of all we start from comparing design, ergonomics and overall feeling from holding items in hands. Then we compare features and give our readers clear picture of differences and similarities. After this we compare how both products do their job. At the endo of the tool comparison we try to determine the winner if it’s possible. We also try to specify if the product is good for certain tasks.

The goal of our equipment comparisons is to help you with your purchase decision. After reading our articles a customer will have clear picture of what product is better for his needs.

DeWalt DCS570 vs DCS575

If you want to buy a DeWalt saw then you are most likely selecting between DeWalt DCS570 vs DCS575. They both are great but which one is better? Which one to buy? This comparison w...

DeWALT DCD996 vs Milwaukee 2704

This DeWALT DCD996 vs Milwaukee 2704 comparison will help you to find the winner between these two amazing products. What to purchase? Find out here.