DeWALT 20 Compartment Pro Organizer DWST14830 Review

Every man has many different small and medium-size things like nails, screws, nuts and so on. It’s great if you have enough of this stuff and can take it anytime without visiting a store. The problem is: they are really difficult to store in order.

Some people just store all the screws in one place, for example in a can. But such approach is terrible. You may have to search for a screw you need for ages. In my opinion, it’s much better to store all the small things in an organized placed.

An organizer is a must-have thing for every man. You don’t need to search for a screw in a can. You just open your organizer and find what you need fast. It will save you a lot of time and you will always know what you have and what you don’t have, which is also very important.

DeWALT 20 Compartment Pro Organizer Review

DeWALT offers several solutions for storing your junk in order: Tough Boxes, T-Staks, and special organizers. In this article, I am going to review DeWALT 20 Compartment Pro Organizer DWST14830: a tool for keeping your tiny things in order.

DeWALT 20 Compartment Pro Organizer DWST14830 Review

Like many other organizers, it’s made of plastic. This makes it lightweight but it has a negative side: it may break if you throw something heavy on it. It may also break if you drop it on the ground when it’s full of stuff. So make sure you use it carefully. By the way, I haven’t seen a steel organizer for small parts. All of them are traditionally made of plastic. The size:

  • Height: 2.9 inches
  • Length: 17 5/8 inches
  • Width: 11 inches
  • Weight: 1.43 kg (3.15 LBS)

As you see the box is really for small stuff. It’s lightweight and it’s pretty small.

The whole space inside a DWST14830 box is separated into 20 independent compartments: 4 rows with 5 small sections in each by default. The thing I absolutely like about this Dewalt Pro Organizer is that you can remove any yellow divider to customize the inner space according to your wish. This is a cool feature if you need more place for a certain type of stuff. The middle dark divider can’t be removed because it works as a base for inner dividers.


All boxes are covered with a single transparent lid. It’s made of Heavy duty transparent Polycarbonate. This makes it easy to see what’s inside every small section without opening. The cool thing is a waterproof seal on the lid which may help to protect inside stuff from the water. The lid is held down by plastic latches: 2 on the front and 1 extra on each side. They are made to keep the box closed if you drop it. But in my opinion plastic latches is not the best solution.

This box stacks to similar boxes or to other units including DWST14925 Shallow PRO Organizer, DWST14825 Deep PRO organizer, and DWST14835 10 compartment PRO Organizer.


The item comes with DeWALT limited lifetime warranty for the original purchaser. It covers deficiencies in material and workmanship but it will not cover the item if it’s used improperly. So if you see that your tool has a deficient you can replace it with a new one.

DeWALT Pro Organizer Performance Test

The performance test is simple: I am going to check how well the tool can maintain things unmixed. If you put small screws in one section and rotate the box, everything works well and the screws are where they should be. So the box works great and everything stays where it must be.

But if you put some finish nails which are very small and thin, and rotate the box, there may be a problem. The nails may go to the other section. Unfortunately, this happens. So if you wish to use this organizer for similar thin stuff you’d better choose another manufacturer. To be honest, I don’t know if there is an organizer for such a small stuff.

I don’t know why the DeWALT didn’t test this organizer with thin nails. In my opinion, this box is for storing different small stuff in it. But the practice shows that it’s not the best solution for thin nails. If you are going to use it on your table, for small screws or similar stuff it will work great. I absolutely like how it works and how it’s made.

Hope this DeWALT Pro Organizer review will help with your purchase decision. Thanks for reading guys!

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